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Vu More with Less

IntraVu gives physicians a big opportunity with an exceptionally small-size, high resolution, single-use advanced imaging system. This minimally-invasive technology allows for quick, easy, and direct visualization of interior spaces. It is ideal for a multitude of current procedures as well as optically guided injections, with numerous additional application possibilities in regenerative medicine.


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Small and Mighty

While it may be small in size, an unrivaled 1.4 mm, the MIDAScope can be less traumatic for patients requiring needle scope procedures or needle-guided injections.

Clearly Visible

Second only to its micro size is the superb image quality the MIDAScope-delivers. Its advanced imaging capability allows physicians to see interior spaces with high resolution.

Product Specifications


  • 1.4 mm, the smallest diameter needle and highest resolution scope on the market today
  • Single-hand ergonomics
  • Disposable/single-use
  • Integrated image sensor
  • Introduced into the interior cavity joints and other body cavities through a natural or surgical opening using the Introducer Kit

Introducer Kit

  • Provided as part of the MIDASVu Advanced Imaging System
  • Includes Cannula, Trocar and Stopcock
  • Disposable/single-use
  • Syringe connections allow for irrigation, extraction or injection
  • Injection capabilities throughout procedures via the integrated fitting

MIDASystem-Video Processing Tablet

  • Connects directly to the MIDAScope
  • Provides high-quality image illumination and visualization
  • Reusable
  • Available external video connection via standard HDMI port 

IntraVu Inc's mission is to develop diagnostic arthroscopy to its greatest potential

The founders of IntraVu saw the need to create a truly minimally invasive yet high resolution direct visualization option for diagnostic arthroscopy. Traditional arthroscopy included large and expensive equipment which had the potential to cause significant tissue disruption in the joint, making less accurate but indirect modalities a preferable route. Our solution has been to create an inexpensive, disposable high definition camera, and place it on the tip of a needle. For patients, physicians and payers, the end result of this work is a paradigm-changing miniature disposable scope which provides precise images, with minimal tissue displacement, quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Indications for Use

The MIDAScope, The Introducer Kit, and The MIDASystem are indicated for use in diagnostic and operative arthroscopic and endoscopic procedures to provide illumination and visualization of interior cavity joints and other body cavities through a natural or surgical opening.

CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.